Whale Watching – Moreton Island


The Whale watching season has started on Moreton Island. 

From June until the October, visitors can witness the breath taking views of these humpback whale as they make their through our waters during their annual migration.

This year we are expecting over 20,000 whales to make an appearance.

Every day during these months you have the opportunity to book a whale watching cruise which takes you out to meet the whales as they glide through the crystal blue waters of Moreton Island. It is a remarkable experience and something you won’t forget. You can also visit North Point and watch the whales from the shore as they pass the island.

We are excited about the whales this season and would love for you to experience them too. We have a range of holiday accommodation that allows guests the chance to come and see these magnificent animals.

Please call us on (07) 3408 0099 to arrange your holiday.